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This week’s ‘Thank You Offering’ is called Gratitude. I hope that it adequately conveys the struggles that we overcome when we lose someone we dearly love and that there is a wonderful reunion offered in faith.  I am grateful for that. The image is beautiful in a white double matted 11×14 and can be purchased for 20% off of the retail price of $40 ( $32 plus shipping ).Oh yes, if you refer a friend that results in a purchase of any image, I will offer you a 10% discount on any image in the ‘Image Gallery’.



Who I Am
I am George H Wood, an award winning photographer and writer whose artistic philosophy is to present ‘stories illuminated’.As a photographer, I endeavor to create images which tell a story and write to create images in the mind. The over arching theme of the stories are to evoke compassionate understanding of nature and our fellow beings. My formal training and life long vocation as a scientist forms the foundation of the stories so they are consistent with reality and yet spiritual in their essential principals. Occasionally there will be fanciful stories, with the intention of allowing exploration of the inconceivable vastness of our existence both distant and near, large and small, physical and metaphysical. Please enjoy the stories.

What I Do
I invite you to slow down, explore the wonderment of nature and to revel in some spiritual refreshment. Our lives are very busy and inundated with information interpreted for us. It hardly gives us time to think for ourselves. The best way I know to eliminate the external noise and provide a space for reflection is through poetry and images that encourage interpretation of where you are right now. Photography and poetry are both reductive, stripping away the superfluous and focusing on that which is often unseen because of the extremes of every day life. Hopefully, this site provides a mental oasis where we can safely explore our being and achieve a level of mercy for all living beings.

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Woody Writes


Gratitude What I give to you, I give to me and what you give, you also receive. Once the mystery is revealed we no longer exist alone A burning candle placed before the sun disappears before the beam. The candle melts from existence into eternal light. Did you know... read more

Gaillardia Abstract

Gaillardia Abstract As I walk through a valley a valley in the shadow of death the darkness is but a reminder of the light of burning passion. I ask to join the burning to be consumed by its fire my soul scorched to barren mat. Wildflowers spring from my ashes and may... read more

Carolina Lily

Listening for Carolina Lilies Roll back the stone to the entrance of your inner sanctuary. May you find the tomb empty. Go early morning to sit on the stone. Listen to the dreams which grew in the night. Rumi goes there to hear morning birds which build domes of... read more